Darshak Sanghavi

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March 21, 2012: Salon.com, "When parents drug their kids: Antihistamines can knock out even the loudest child on a plane. It it safe or just bad parenting?" by Mary Elizabeth Williams

February 13, 2012: New York Times, "Screening Children for Cholesterol" by Perri Klass
Hear Dr. Sanghavi further debate this issue on Minnesota Public Radio's The Daily Circuit (2/23/2012) by clicking here

October 12, 2010: Slate: "NFL Promotes Breast-Cancer Half-Awareness" by Tom Scocca

September 30, 2010: New York Times Book Review cover story: "Birth Pangs" (Jerome Groopman cites Dr. Sanghavi's opinions in a review of Annie Murphy Paul's Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives)

March 19, 2010: USC Annenberg School of Communication article:
How to Report on Health Care Quality: Resources and Story Ideas

July 1, 2009: Interview on WBAL Radio on The Ron Smith Show about health reform

April 2009: Teen Vogue, "Sunny D: Sunlight and Vitamin D"

February 2008: Teen Vogue, "Germ Warfare: A superbug found in schools and gyms, drug-resistant staph
has infected teens across the country.  Are you at risk?
" by Richa Gulati

February 2008: BabyCenter.com interviews with Dr. Sanghavi:
"Is it normal that my preschooler is suddenly afraid of his stuffed animals?"
"Is it normal that my preschooler calls me by my first name?"

February 2008: Little India, "Their Double Life" (profile) by Richa Gulati

January 2008: Parents magazine, "CMV: Infection alert for pregnant moms"

January 28, 2008: Business Week, "Do Cholesterol Drugs Do Any Good?" by John Carey
(based on Dr. Sanghavi's Slate article about "NNT")

Spring 2008: Canadian Health Magazine, "The Persuasive Power of Percentages," by Tim Johnson

January-February 2008: The New Physician, "The First Cut: The surgical rotation can be surreal and sublime," by Anthony Hall

December 3, 2007: Los Angeles Times, "Breast or Bottle: No Final Answer Yet," by Devon Schuyler

September 27, 2007: Slate.com, "Cancer sluts: Does the HPV vaccine promote promiscuity?" by Meghan O'Rourke

September 9, 2007: Salon.com, "Baby's First Lead" by Katharine Mieszkowski

April 2007: Child magazine, "Allergy Nation" by Pam Kruger

January 11, 2007: Interview on Radio Ritas (satellite radio) about early puberty

December 6, 2006: Interview on WOR radio (New York) on Hennigan and White about genetic selection

October 23, 2006: Washington Post radio (FM 107.7) Health Hour with Hillary Howard and Leslie Bishop discussion
about early puberty in children

August 23, 2005, Education News, "An interview with Darshak Sanghavi: About Children, Growth, and Development," by Michael Shaughnessy

July 2004: North Country Public Radio: Readers and Writers on the Air, 2004 Summer Reading List
(Click here for more)

April 17, 2004: NECN Newsnight with Chet Curtis and Jim Braude, discussion on pediatric obesity

December 23, 2003: Newsweek, 'Scrambling for Shots" by Paul Tolme and Brian Braiker

December 10, 2003: NECN Newsnight with Chet Curtis and Jim Braude, discussion on flu vaccine shortage

December 9, 2003: NPR On Point with Tom Ashbrook, "Flu Fears" (click hear to listen)

May 27, 2003: NPR/WHYY Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane, "A Map of the Child" (click here to listen)

March 31, 2003: NPR/Wisconsin Public Radio, Parent Talk with Kathleen Dunn, "A Map of the Child"


March 13, 2007: Wellesley Mother's Forum, “How to Think Like a Doctor: Unraveling Medical Myths and Misconceptions”
(click here for more information)

October 16-17, 2006: Visiting lecturer in biology, University of Georgia (Athens)

December 5, 2005: 2nd Annual Betsy Lehman Patient Safety Symposium (MA Dept. of Public Health)
No"Disclosure and Apology: An Introduction" (click here to see slides)

November 2005: 10th Annual Schwartz Center Symposium, Boston Convention Center
"What Makes for a Compassionate Patient-Caregiver Relationship?"
(click here for more information)


August 27, 2003: Politics and Prose, Washington, DC

March 19, 2003: Reading and Dinner Discussion, Cosmopolitan Club, Philadelphia, PA

March 18, 2003: Barnes & Noble, Moorestown, NJ

January 16, 2003: Brookline Booksmith, Brookline, MA